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May we introduce you to the Monika und Horst Schumacher Stiftung (Monika and Horst Schumacher Foundation):

Millions of people are starving, medical care for them is insufficient – if available at all, they have no or only a poor education, no roof over their heads.

Our foundation has been established to help by supporting financially the development aid projects of other charitable organizations. When choosing the projects, we take care that administration costs are kept as low as possible, the contributions arrive where they are badly needed and do not disappear in the pockets of corrupt politicans. And we ask the receiving organizations to confirm these selection criteria. We only want to support wellknown organizations.

As far as possible, the money will not flow into the main project but be spent on additional provisions wich so far could not be financed, fx when building a school, we support the purchase of teaching material or, when establishing a medical base, we buy additional equipment or in case of agricultural projects we supply additional seed.

Our foundation will endeavour to work as cost saving as possible. The board of trustees will work without reimbursement. To avoid postal expenses correspondence will mainly take place by Email. Therefore, please let us have your Email adress when writing us or supporting our foundation with your contribution.

We want to be transparent. During each year we shall publish the latest balance on our hompage www.schumacher-stiftung.de.

You can support our foundation either by increasing our foundation fund, or by remitting your contribution. Your contributions are taxdeductible (Tax Office Bad Segeberg, Ref.; 11 292 86577). You will receive a receipt from us.

The bank account of the foundation is: VR Bank in Holstein DE 78 2219 1405 0066 3144 40

The account is free of charge. There will be yearly interests. The foundation fund is surely invested and gains interests too. You find the yearly interests in our balances.

The foundation has been approved by the Ministry of the Interior of the Federal State Schleswig-Holstein (Ref No.: IV 353 – 146.23 – 581.1).

Responsible for the foundation supervision is the district administrator of the district Plön
(Ref. No.: 112.17/SE).

The address of our foundation is:

Monika und Horst Schumacher Stiftung
c/o Schumacher
Olivastr. 29
D 24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg
Telefon: 04193-890419
E-Mail: horst.schumacher (at) wtnet.de
Kontonummer für Spenden: VR Bank in Holstein DE 78 2219 1405 0066 3144 40